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An article on Franklin, dual published in oxasploits and in "2600 The Hacker Quarterly", (Autumn 2023, pages 6 - 10) explaining some design decisions and little bit about how Franklin works.

Previous interactions

Forgive my laziness, but this is a raw folder full of responses Franklin has made to users.
The 8 more recent queries and their respective responses are listed below:


Apr 17th 2024Implimentated a way to pull news headlines from an API, parse, randomize, and sort, then plug them into the DCP so Franklin has more knowledge of the outside world.
Mar 29th 2024Added a link [txid] command to pull up a link to a specified TXID.
Mar 14th 2024Franklin now responds to continue [txid] [chunknum] as an internal command!
Mar 11th 2024Revamed the logging routines.
Mar 6th 2024There is now a new branch of Franklin that works with Cohere's Coral AI, which is an LLM designed with use cases more aligned to this project (and to get around some billing errors). I can call it beta, but its pretty stable now. Command is the current model in use. Coral API branch compatible on GitHub.
Mar 3rd 2024You can now view the bot's logfile in the event that you think you have found an error. If you have, please contact me by email.
Oct 5th 2023Franklin now has the ability to respond to PMs!
Sep 22nd 2023The contextual prelude is now dynamic, using information about it's environment to make the user's experience more immersive.
Sep 6th 2023Franklin now has a helper module that allows the operator to join and part from channels, as well as users to reload the bot if it hangs.
May 3rd 2023Franklin now understands and utilizes context! Meaning, it knows what it is, who created, it, and what's going on in the chat, currently (for the past 7 lines or so). This makes chats with him vastly more immersive and complete feeling.
May 2nd 2023We have surpassed 10k queries to Franklin since the project began!
May 1st 2023I hope that is appriciated more than hated, but for those who hate it, or are trying to download the responses for whatever reason, I still host all the responses in .txt format (including newly genearted ones).
Apr 27th 2023I have upgraded Franklin to call on the GPT 3.5 Turbo now, instead of GPT3 with the davinci model we were previously running. Responses should be faster and more acurate as a result.
Apr 24th 2023I've beautified the reponses with .html, so they're not just simple raw text files anymore.
Mar 25th 2023We have been added to the waitlist to use GPT4!

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Thanks to people who asked for features or found bugs that were fixed:

dclaw, proge, CerebraNet, atg, bookworm, morb, RDNt, xibalba and more…

A huge thanks to both 2600net and for letting me host my bot on their networks!